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Maxing Out Tests Strength, It Doesn't Build it !

There has been a numerous amount of times when I see people constantly maxing out thier lifts in the gym ( once or even twice a week) . I see this in all types of athletes and various types of exercises. I can see this being a competition between athletes in seeing who can lift the most or even just to "test" your own strength. However, although you may be able to hit 5-10lb more over the course of a week or two , you are not doing your CNS (central nervous system ) any good. Maxing out lifts multiple times or even once a week puts a lot of stress on your body and increases the time your body takes to recover. Yes! you may be achieving short term gains , but in the long run you are just hindering your bodies ability to progress. My point here is that in order to achieve a greater results in the gym or get stronger at your sport, you have to put in the work. The amount of volume that you total over the course of a 3,6 or 12 month block is what is going to make you stronger. Say your max is 300lb squat, you do not want to constantly be trying to hit 305-310 every week or every other week. You want to work submaximally and achieve a new 5 or even 3RM. If you can progress over the course of 6 weeks and achieve a new 5 or 3RM you are getting stronger without putting that extra stress on your CNS. Go for maxes once the submaximal training has stopped progressing. Train smart , you want to carry that strength with you in the long run.

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